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Hyena for sale


Name: Macs & Leti
Age: 2 – 3 Months Old
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[Intelligent, Sociable, Loving, Cuddling, Tamed & Outgoing]

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Pet Hyena for sale

As to their social skills, pet hyena for sale are known for their way of communicating with each other through different signals and postures. This way, they manage to make their intentions understood by the other members of the pack and even by the outsiders.

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Hyena for sale

Hyenas for sale are carnivores that look like dogs. Their skulls are very large and, besides this feature, they also have a sagittal crest for a better attachment of jaws. They also have around 34 teeth, rugged enough to crack bones. There is no difference between male and female hyenas cubs, as their genitals are very alike. However, they aren’t hermaphrodites, meaning that they don’t act both as males and females simultaneously. As for pregnancy, only the females give birth and look after their cubs.

Pet Hyena Diet

Although pet hyenas eat rotting flesh of dead animals, they will also hunt for prey on their own and have been known to chase lions and other large predators away from their kills. The jaws of hyenas are powerful enough to crush bones and the digestive system of the animal can handle just about everything from hooves and teeth and skin. They cannot, however, digest horns or fur. In captivity, african hyena pet are fed a fortified meat-based diet like a commercial carnivore food plan fed to large carnivores. Pet hyena for sale can also be given mice, beef hearts, rats, rabbits, fish and poultry. For occasional treats, they can be given carrots, zucchini, and cabbage.

Breeding Hyenas as a pet

Hyenas as a pet are non-seasonal breeders. The gestational period for the hyena is about 110 days, after which the hyena cubs are born with soft brown-black fur and long teeth. The cubs will start play fighting each other shortly after they are born. The milk of the spotted hyena has the highest fat and protein content of any land carnivore. The hyena for sale will continue to nurse for twelve to sixteen months, even though they will start eating solid food as early as three months of age.

Taking care of the baby hyena

Unlike other species, hyena babies are born with their eyes open. Around the age of 5 months, hyena puppy are starting to eat meat, coming from kills. Unlike other animals, hyena puppy for sale kill far from their lair and don’t regurgitate food for their babies. Around the age of 12 months, baby hyenas begin to go with their mothers to learn hunting skills. The smaller ones are left at the den, with an adult hyena taking care of them.

Did you know that hyenas…?

We know only 3 species of hyenas, namely the brown one, the spotted one (or the laughing one) and the striped one. The brown one is also called Paralnyaena brunnea, the spotted hyena is called Crocuta crocuta, while the striped one (and, maybe, the biggest) is named Hyaena hyaena.

As for their behavior, spotted hyenas are territorials and they live in groups, named also as clans, each individual having the task to defend their own territory. As expected, the lair is the center of their lives and that’s the reason why, within the clan, the activities take place around the den. Here, the hyena babies are being raised and the individuals have the chance to meet each other.

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