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Name: Sami & Jeni
Age: 2 Months Old
Sex: Male & Female

[Intelligent, Sociable, Loving, Cuddling, Tamed & Outgoing]

Each Pet Comes With:
[Papers, Written Health Guarantee, One Month Food & Free Toys]
They are ready to go to their new homes today. Our shipping is totally safe and stress-free.

Kinkajou, A small rainforest little creature some call the honey bear. Its coat is plush, velvety, soft and dense.

Kinkajous are one of our favorite animals. If handled properly they are very sweet and good natured. Even when bonded to their owner(s) they will go from person to person without hesitation, interacting with strangers just as if they were its owner.

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Kinkajou For Sale

We have Kinkajou for sale in Houston TX and can arrange transportation for out of state homes!

Our Kinkajou babies come hand raised, extensively socialized, dewormed, vet checked and each will come with all hand feeding supplies and food samples necessary.

They are very quiet clean and inoffensive animals. They are nocturnal and are very active at night. They have a prehensile tail that allows them to hang from trees and branches in the wild.

Pet Kinkajou

Kinkajous come in various sizes and there are 7 subspecies. The bigger varieties of Kinkajous can reach up to 18 pounds in weight, and about 25 inches in body length. Kinkajous tails can be used when climbing because of their grasping capability, which can almost be up to 45 cm. they are primarily arboreal in nature, but anything goes in captivity. Kinkajous can twist their rear feet backwards, so that the clawed toes can be used when descending head-first. Their palms are bare-skinned and front paws are very sensitive. In water or small openings they often dip their front paws and lick the juice or food off their paws. They have poor vision, and can’t sense differences in color, so they mainly rely on their well developed senses of smell and touch. They have no noticeable odor to humans although they have scent glands. Kinkajous also have a broad range of signal calls, from barks and shrill quavering screams to soft chatters. They can live up to 30 years of age.


Kinkajous are fairly large animals and will need a large space. A bird cage is typically not spacious enough unless it is very large. Minimum cage size is at least 20 square feet of floor space.

Branches and a sleeping box are important for enrichment. Swings, hammocks, and hanging toys are great also. Keeping them very shaded in the sun is imperative.

Kinkajous can be housed together and will benefit greatly from companionship, especially if you are not awake during the night.

Baby Kinkajous Diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables along with Zupreem monkey biscuits are the main part of a kinkajous diet. Other Treats include fig newton, dates or raisin and graham cracker may be given. Since they are classified as carnivores occasionally a person can add other protein sources such as small amounts of meat like chicken, eggs and hams. Bananas are their favorite fruit, but other fruits can be added. Many people also feed kinkajou with a variety of other foods and sweets in small doses but not chocolates. Citrus fruits are not a proper nutrition to the kinkajou. There is also belief that Kinkajous are allergic to strawberries.

We have kinkajou for sale in Texas, hand-raised, healthy, tame kinkajou pet ready for a new home. Exotic animals for sale Book your appointment to own baby Kinkajou now

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